Tech and Music Campers

The Tech and Music Camper program is one of Acting Manitou's most innovative opportunities.

Music Campers

play their instruments in the band, pit or onstage as crucial elements of Acting Manitou's shows.

Tech Campers

get hands-on training from highly skilled theater production professionals in any of these areas:
Set Design
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Stage Management

Music campers: skilled musicians with an interest in working on theatrical productions wanted. Our first music camper in 2014 was the onstage accompanist during our hit production of Godspell.

Tech campers: Only those with a strong interest in backstage arts should apply. In recent summers our tech campers have run lights, sound, and costume quick changes during performances, created design concepts during class training that were later utilized on our productions and enhanced their skills and knowledge in critical production fields.

We are now accepting applications for this summer's music/tech camper programs.

Please note: a very limited number of music/tech camper positions are available and they will go fast. If you are interested in participating in these exciting programs, email us for more information at Upon registering for Acting Manitou, applicants must alert us to their interest in being a music/tech camper and are required to share their relevant instrumental training / technical theater experience. Acceptance in the music/tech camper program is based on availability and the applicant’s experience and desire.


  2. Send in a deposit. Deposits are refundable until April 1. Music/Tech Camper tuition rates are the same as Acting Camper rates.
  3. On the first time camper’s statement page, even if you are a returning camper, please describe to us your interest in enrolling as a music/tech camper, your preferred area of specialization, and your previous experience.
  4. Please note: registration is extremely limited. Act now!


Morning Classes

The morning instructional period takes on three different forms: Elective class alongside the acting campers, Introduction to Design/Music and Theatrical Collaboration, and Production Calls.

Elective classes offer both tech and acting campers the opportunity to explore a special interest area of theater, such as Playwriting, Directing, Comedy Improvisation, Choreography, Slam Poetry, Shakespeare or Puppetry. Electives are on a sign-up basis and take place over two weeks and two different rounds.

Introduction to Design is a class only for tech campers. During the five periods of this class, tech campers will spend one session studying the fundamentals of the following elements of production design: Set, Lights, Costume, Sound and Stage Management (not a design element, but an essential component of technical theater).

Music and Theatrical Collaboration is a class only for music campers. During the five periods of this class, music campers will explore the integration of music and theatrical storytelling through discussion and exercise.

During production calls, music/tech campers and acting campers do projects for the shows, such as crafting props and painting scenery.

Afternoon Production

When the afternoon rehearsal period begins, music/tech campers divide into their specialized areas of study: Sets, Lights, Costumes, Stage Management or Music. Music/Tech campers are now an essential part of the Production team. They will learn their craft by working side-by-side with the experienced, compassionate, talented and hard working staff members of Acting Manitou Artistic and Production. Music Campers will work with a show and director to provide crucial instrumentation to the performance.

Evening, Bunks, Meals and Waterfront

All other aspects of the music/tech camper experience will be fully integrated with the acting camper program. Meals, bunk life, waterfront and evening activities will be shared experiences the music/tech campers take part in alongside the acting campers.


More About Specializations



Specialized training in drafting a lighting plot, choosing gel colors and gobos, hanging and focusing, and cueing and running lights for the show.


Tech campers who specialize in Lights are there every step of the way as our Lighting Designers draw light plots, choose colors and gobos, hang and focus the instruments, write cues for all the shows, work with the show directors during “dry techs” and finally run the shows. The Lighting tech campers learn from top-notch professionals like last summer’s John Wilder, who are challenged by having to light the outdoor amphitheater at nighttime and turn our dining pavilion into an experimental theater space.


Space: 1 Lights tech camper position available per session






Specialized training in the craft of scenic design, from the drafting table to the carpentry shop, to the paint deck, to the stage.


Tech campers who specialize in Set join our Production Manager/Set Designer, Technical Assistant and Tech Counselors to design and build the shows. Tech campers participate in design discussions, learn fundamental carpentry skills, set building and painting technique and are part of the hardworking team charged with rotating between six different shows in three performance venues during production week and show day.


Tech campers get the opportunity to learn under fabulous designers like last year’s Sky Burks and Nate Frieswick. Sky and Nate and other Acting Manitou Set Designers have the difficult but exhilarating task of creating designs for the outdoor amphitheater, indoor experimental pavilion space and main stage thrust theater. Acting Manitou Set Designers seek to create a cohesive series of scenic designs for each show, giving the festival of performances a unified "look" and "feel".


Space: 1-2 Set tech campers positions available per session




Specialized training in creating, building, pulling, measuring, and fitting — in a word — Costumes.


Tech campers who specialize in Costumes must love clothes, because they spend many hours in the costume shop surrounded by fabric, sewing machines, and costumes galore! Costumes tech campers spend their afternoons with the highly creative Acting Manitou Costume Design team, creating unique design concepts for all six shows, measuring and fitting actors, pulling costumes, sewing and building costumes and renting costumes from Maine theaters, making adjustments during production week and adding the element of Hair and Make-Up.


Costume tech campers have the exciting opportunity to work with our amazing Costume Designers, like last year’s Christopher Metzger. During production week, the costume team rarely stops moving, as they go from show to show getting the actors into costumes and make-up before the show, taking notes on the runs and getting the next day’s shows prepped afterwards.


Space: 1-2 Costumes tech camper positions available per session.




Specialized training in the vital field of Stage Management, for great communicators and future leaders!


Tech campers who specialize in Stage Management are assigned to work one of the shows. In that capacity, the Stage Management tech camper assists the show’s Stage Manager, learning how to keep a prompt book, recording cues and blocking, running the props, scenic changes, sound cues and managing the rehearsal schedule. The Stage Management tech camper must enjoy both sides of the theatrical process, both the rehearsals with the actors and working with the backstage team. The Stage Management tech camper, observing Acting Manitou’s most seasoned Stage Managers, learn essential skills of communication and organization.


Space: 1-2 Stage Management tech camper positions available per session.




Specialized training in all aspects of music from composition to performance. Our musical directors will specialize the program no matter what instrument you play at whatever level.


The program will feature new and diverse music training & classes, composition of original music for our plays and, of course, camper music ensembles for our musicals. We welcome all musicians to our program: from piano players to drummers, song-writers to conductors, piccolo players to tuba players, beginners to advanced players! Love for music is the only pre-requisite! We are so excited to celebrate this fundamental element of the theatrical experience and to share this new program.


Space: 5 - 7 Music camper positions available per session.