Daily Schedule

Campers Start To Rise7:00AM

Depending on the individual camper’s sleeping habits, some start to greet the day as early as 7am. These early-risers may choose to sit on the porch and talk to camp friends, relax with a book or study lines from their show. The more industrious campers even go on a morning run around camp with counselors. Of course, there are many campers who choose to stay in bed until the very last minute!


Flag Raising7:55AM

The entire camp community gathers for flag raising right outside the dining hall, led by our oldest campers (the C.I.T.s). Campers mentally “gear up” for their day, while a trumpet reveille accompanies the slow raising of the flag.



Eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, cereal, oatmeal, tea and juice. Campers are treated to delicious breakfast by our excellent dining staff in our beautiful dining pavilion, with full wrap-around porch and a great view of camp from its centralized location. Our dining staff caters to each camper’s individual needs, including allergies and vegetarian/vegan needs. Camp is a “peanut-free” zone


Cabin Inspection8:55AM

Each morning, campers are responsible for cleaning up their bunk as a group, dividing up chores and putting in equal effort. As it is a theater camp, they are often found cleaning, with a soundtrack of a popular musical like “Rent”, “Spring Awakening” and “13”.


Yoga & Theater Games9:00AM

During the first introductory days of camp, campers get to try out our Yoga, Pilates and Theater Games Warm-Ups. Once they decide which warm-up activity suits them best, they remain with that group for the rest of camp. While some campers like to push their physical limitations with pilates, others prefer movement and meditation through yoga, while still others like more traditional theater game warm-ups, like Zip Zap Zop, Zoom Boink, Bang and more!


Morning Classes9:30AM

Don’t let the word class frighten you. Our classes are active and energizing, en route to developing the skills of highly experienced and beginner actors alike.


Lunch and Downtime12:00PM

The midday meal menus include: chicken cordon-bleu, vegetarian lasagna, grilled haddock, tomato soup and grilled cheese, tacos, and sandwiches. The full salad bar is always available. After lunch, campers may elect to relax in their bunks, reading or practicing lines and choreography. Other campers play basketball, soccer, Frisbee, capture the flag and some unique to camp games brought by our creative counselors. Teaching artists offer comedy improvisation exercises during downtime for campers who can’t get enough improv.



We believe hard work and passion for your craft creates great performances and our audiences agree! When choosing our show season, we balance contemporary dramas, with classic comedies and showstopping musicals. Every camper is cast in one show per session, after a day of auditions. There are no “chorus only” roles in our shows. At the end of the session, campers perform for each other on dress rehearsal day and then for families, friends and local guests on festival day.


Pool Time and Downtime4:30PM

The entire camp community heads to the pool for bonding and swimming. Not every camper chooses to swim, some prefer to lie out in the sun, read and talk to friends.



The evening meal, which many Mainers call “supper”, is always delicious and once a session we have a lobster bake!


Evening Activities7:30PM

Our day doesn't end with classes and rehearsals. In the evening, campers participate in innovative theatrical experiences including a Harry Potter adventure night, So You Think You Can Dance challenge, Talent Show, Make Your Own Music Video, The Horror Radio Play, and Student-Directed Scenes. On some nights, we head into town for the movies and a stop at world famous Giffords ice cream.


Lights Out10:00PM

10pm begins lights out for our youngest bunks. By 10:30 everyone is in bed. Our days are long and full and getting a good rest is important to “acting” your best.