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Guest Blogger Blog – Monica!

Dearest Acting Manitou Community, If life gives you lemons, don't settle for simply making lemonade – make a glorious scene at a lemonade stand. --Elizabeth Gilbert Here we are, all of us, making art in a broken world. Amidst natural disasters, political divides, and overwhelming disconnect, we keep collaborating with each other, often making something…
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Guest Blogger Blog – Lisa!

Four "Need to Knows" When Breaking into Film - By Lisa Dempsey Moving from stage to screen can be an equally exciting and scary transition, full of mystery, glamour and a lot of contradicting advice. How do I know? Two years ago I moved to Los Angeles from New York, taking the leap from a…
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Guest Blogger Blog – Brock!

Hey Friends! I'm here in New York City and loving life. I hope you're doing well too. Many of you know that I have bopped around from city to city since starting at Acting Manitou. Sometimes I live in Portland, Oregon. Sometimes I live in Los Angeles, California. Sometimes I live in NYC. Sometimes I…
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Blog Post: August 10th, 2017

 Hi!! Counselor Lucy here to bring you all the news from Acting Manitou. Yesterday, was another amazing day of tech rehearsals here at camp. The morning started out with delicious blueberry pancakes, which prepared us all for a jam-packed, fun day. After breakfast and inspection, all casts and techies headed off to a 9 o'clock…
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Blog Post: August 9th, 2017

Tech week has finally dawned upon us!  Yesterday all five casts did a tech run through their show.  Several of our past staff members have come to help out with lifeguarding and evening activities. The tech campers are hard at work making the shows happen with the staff.  For the lucky casts that had off…
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