What Campers & Parents Say


Acting Manitou started out with a handful of dedicated campers and staff and has blossomed because of the support and suggestions that campers, parents and staff give us every year. At the end of each session we ask our parents and campers to share their experiences with us, above are some of the highlights. Click on the videos below and hear what campers think of camp straight from them.


See What our Campers Say:

Quotes from AM Parents:

"Highlight of the year!"
"This experience was the highlight of the year for her. She made many great friends."

"Begging us to go back next summer!"
"Our daughter is already begging us to go again. We're signing up right away!"

"Focus on the process and craft"
"In teacher-speak, this is a process and craft-oriented camp, rather than a product-oriented camp....The staff involves each camper and makes him/her feel a huge part of the productions."

"Building confidence and sense of self..."
"This experience allowed her to rebuild confidence and sense of self she had lost during the year. I can't tell you what a difference it made to her and consequently to us."

"An incredibly warm, caring environment."
"The directors have created an incredibly warm, caring environment where every camper feels like an important part of the Manitou circle."

"Every camper shines"
"The audition process was done extremely well, in giving each camper a chance to strut his/her stuff. Every camper found an opportunity to shine during the performances"

"Fabulous performances across the board!"
"Working on the show was a blast for my camper, as and the shows featured fabulous performances across the board."

"Friends for life"
"My daughter would unequivocally tell you that the thing she likes best about Manitou is the people, she made friends for life. Since I am a teacher, I believe this translates to camp leadership."