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Guest Blogger Blog – Alyssa

[caption id="attachment_10554" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The Cradle Will Rock. By Marc Blitzstein. Directed by Emily Ranii. Photograph by Kalman Zabarsky.[/caption] Hello Manitou Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday season—hopefully with some much deserved time off! When starting to choose something to write about, I thought about the start of new semesters, longer…
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Guest Blogger Blog – Jacqui!

Hello from the other side of the new year, Acting Manitou community! As we say goodbye to 2016, a lot of us are welcoming changes – waving farewell to finished shows and semesters and turning to face new opportunities and challenges. I recently got the unique chance to “level up” in a particularly exciting way…I…
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Guest Blogger Blog – Monica!

ON FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR PLAY by Monica Flory Stage One: Infatuation You see your play from across your crowded bookshelf/audition/rehearsal room. It looks okay. Actually, it looks more than okay. It suddenly looks pretty good. Why didn’t you ever see it before? Did Your Play just wink at you? This could be interesting……
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