Monthly Archives: September 2016

Guest Blogger Blog – BROCK

The Top 5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned At Acting Manitou: Be Willing To Laugh At Yourself Some people might remember a little nickname I had this summer. It rhymes with Berry. It didn’t last into second session, partially by my choice, but it was fun while it lasted first session. There was a point first…
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Guest Blogger Blog – KYRA!

Hey Acting Manitou family! It’s your girl Kyra here, reporting for blog duty. I hope the start of everyone’s school year is going well. I know that I’m already getting slumped with homework and rehearsals. I’m currently taking 6 classes and I just got cast in a production of Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are…
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September Newsletter

  Thank you again for another amazing summer of theater and friendship in Maine. We hope you are enjoying your September as the start of the school year and Fall auditions begin! This month's newsletter has some important information about 2017 registration, the early bird discount, and much more.   EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT & REGISTRATION…
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