Monthly Archives: December 2015

Guest Blogger Blog – Matt!

Hey there, Acting Manitou!!! Matt Goldstein here – you may remember me from last summer as an assistant music director/assistant director/stage manager/Beckett counselor (shout out to mah boyz)/lifeguard/co-founder of the Weeding Workshop (which remains to this day perhaps my proudest achievement). I had one of the best summers of my life with you guys in…
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Guest Blogger Blog – Mac!

Hey Team (most days I start off any introduction with 'hey team' so....forgive me.) It's Mac! Co-choreographer human (you may know me from my Murrah-inspired haircut) I wanted to take a minute (or a few [depending on how quickly you read]) to talk about gratitude, and being grateful. To be quite honest, I haven't spent…
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