Monthly Archives: August 2015

Dress Rehearsal Day (August 7th, 2015)

Good Morning Everyone! It’s a beautiful Manitou morning, and today is dress rehearsal day! Yesterday was our last day of tech rehearsals and all of the campers are ready to show each other the shows they have been working so hard on. The casts had two blocks of rehearsal time and one block of free…
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August 5th – Tech Week In Full Swing

Good morning! Tech week is in full swing and our campers are so excited to show you their hard work in just two days! Yesterday saw a lot of hard work. In normal tech week fashion, as with the day before, each cast has two blocks of rehearsal, one of which usually containing a run…
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August 3rd – Elective Presentations

Good morning all! Today is the start of Tech Week! The final stretch before we finally reveal all the hard work the campers have poured themselves into. It's a busy day, but yesterday was just as filled! Yesterday held the usual rehearsal schedules, but marked a major milestone in the session. Each elective class met…
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