Monthly Archives: February 2015

We Went to Princeton!

A great big thank you to the Phelan Family for hosting a wonderful Acting Manitou event at their home in Princeton on a  surprisingly balmy Sunday afternoon.  We had a blast with the great mixed crowd of alums, staff, current campers, prospective campers and parents.  One parent definitely found herself wishing Acting Manitou had a…
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Music and Tech at Acting Manitou

At the core of any play is collaboration. It begins with the creative team, directors and designers, and then welcomes the cast and the crew. Collaboration is the way that ideas are explored, songs are rehearsed and plays are made.

At Acting Manitou, we are home to not just a performance track but two others as well. Our tech and music programs each provide opportunities for campers to be a part of theatrical collaboration in ways that are unique and essential to each session, ensuring that the shows we share with visitors on show day are the true representation of the friendships and community we cultivate at camp.

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